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At Constables Kitchen we provide a range of hand-made finger foods to suit your needs.

Whether you require mouth watering filled croissants or bacon and egg cups for a hearty breakfast meeting,

or gourmet sandwiches on freshly baked bread or a platter of fresh seasonal fruit for a working lunch,

or bite size canapes for a board meeting,

or some savoury and sweet treats for morning tea, we've got you covered!


All our food is nicely presented and delivered to you at your specified time.

Everything we offer is handcrafted on premises and prices start from $2.50 per item (plus GST).


Below are some of our current customer favorites, however we are always trying new food ideas, so the sky is the limit.

If there is something in particular that you are after, we will do our best to provide it for you.

We will cater to all dietary requirements, however occasionally, additional costs may apply dependant on numbers and what is requested.


  • Sausage roll (served with tomato sauce)

  • Sushi (Salmon or Chicken) - 2 pieces (GF)

  • Savoury tarts filled with bacon, herbs and egg custard (GF)

  • Egg, Bacon and Spinach cups. (GF,DF,Keto)

  • BLT Croissant (handmade croissant).

  • Mince savouries (our very own mince filling)

  • Potato Bruschetta topped with hummus, ham, and sundried tomato or basil pesto (GF)

  • Stuffed mushrooms baked and filled with couscous, herbs, garlic and sausage

  • Club sandwiches (classic white or brown 3 piece sandwich with ham, lettuce, cheese, egg and mayo)

  • Blinis topped with our own cream cheese and salmon combination

  • Chicken filo parcels (filo pastry encasing our own chicken, garlic and spinach filling)

  • Mini Brioche (sweet with raspberry and chocolate), (savoury with basil pesto, sundried tomato, ham and feta)

  • Mini pizza bread with spicey chorizo

  • Savoury sweetcorn and bacon fritters

  • Seasonal fruit platter to suit your requested numbers.


Sweet list:

  • Apricot and coconut truffles (GF)

  • Rum and raisin chocolate truffles

  • Chocolate and almond truffles (GF)

  • Muffins - blueberry, raspberry, lemon / orange, mixed berry

  • Mini cream filled doughnuts (fresh cream)

  • Sweet tarts - Lemon or chocolate cream

  • Peach tart (min of 10 to order)

  • Biscuits (lemon and poppyseed, afghan, passionfruit / chocolate filled melting moment)

Cut lunches

The perfect lunch option for work functions, training or courses, field trips and for convenience. 

We offer both three or four food item meal options.

With the three option meal, we offer: One Savoury (option A) OR one Hot item (option B) - (can be substituted for a salad if you prefer) and one Sweet item (option C), plus a piece of fruit. - $12.00ea (+gst).

The four meal option is the perfect lunch for the bigger eaters or longer days. Perfect for workplace training, field trips, and track days.


We offer one Savoury item (option A), PLUS one Hot item (option B) (can be substituted for a salad if you prefer), one sweet option (option C) and one fruit. - $16.00ea (+gst)



Option A

  • Savoury Jumbo scone –(all served with butter)

    • Cheese

    • Cheese and bacon

    • Cheese and Herb


  • Club sandwich (white or brown bread) – 4 fillings


  • Sandwiches (white or brown bread) – Egg optional extra, (free of charge)

    • Beef

    • Ham

    • Chicken

    • Bacon


  • Pita pockets / wraps - Meat choice, Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot, Cheese, Mayo.

Egg optional extra (free of charge). Types of meat include:

    • Beef

    • Ham

    • Chicken

    • Bacon


  • Brown rice salad – Brown rice, tossed with nuts, red onion, soy sauce and spices.


Option B

  • Sausage roll – Handmade with beef, onion and herbs and spices.

  • Mince and Cheese pie – Handmade Mince and cheese pie.

  • Steak and Cheese pie – Handmade Beef Steak and cheese pie.

  • Chicken and Mushroom pie – Handmade chicken and mushroom pie.

  • Quiche Lorraine – Handmade with eggs, ham, gruyere cheese and onion.

  • Chicken and spinach filo pastry roll.

  • Pulled pork roll with coleslaw and cheese.


Option C

  • Slice

    • Caramel

    • Louise cake

    • Ginger and pistachio

    • Coffee and Walnut


  • Cookie

    • Afghan

    • Duskie

    • Chocolate chip

    • Anzac

    • Lemon Poppy seed


  • Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

  • Chocolate cake with vanilla/chocolate butter cream

  • Banana cake with chocolate icing


  • Pancake rolled with jam and cream


  • Muffins

    • Blueberry

    • Raspberry

    • Mixed berry

    • Orange

    • Lemon


  • Sweet scone – Jam optional extra (free of charge)

    • Date

    • Raisin


  • Our fruit is ordered fresh for you and is dependant on whats in season.


  • All lunch orders require a mininmum of 48 hours notice unless discussed by prior arrangement.

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